Balancing Urban Development and Water Conservation

Erosion Control

Straw Bionet Fabric with No Mow Fescue
No Mow Fescue (2 month growth)
Boulderscaping with Dry Creek Bed and No Mow Fescue
Hydroseed Mulch
Compost and Hydroseed
Perimeter Sediment Control on Construction Site
Inlet Protection on Construction Site
Native Vegetation with Geojute (Year 1)
Native Vegetation (Year 2)
Native Vegetation (Year 2)
No Mow Fescue on Steep Slope
Geojute Fabric with Native Seed
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I have already recommended you! Our consultant, Shelly, was extremely knowledgeable. She explained (the process) in technical detail. She is the reason I chose Earth Wizards over the other 5 bidders. Installation crew was terrific and exceeded my expectations.

- Don P.
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