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Concrete Driveways and Other Installations

When it makes sense for your driveway – all or some

Sometimes concrete makes the most sense when it comes to your driveway. If you have a mega yacht to park in your driveway, a mansion sized RV, you like to work on cars, you have a fleet of Harleys or you just like to hang out sitting in a chair on the driveway soaking in the sun, it might be the right material to consider!

Concrete Driveway


















Options abound when it comes to concrete. For a one-car driveway/garage, a set of concrete runners is attractive and environmentally-friendly as it’s less pavement which means less rainwater run-off! Runners are great as they also soften your property by allowing more space for vegetation (so many choices)!

Whether you have a small concrete garage apron, a street aproach, a sidewalk, stoop or garage floor, we’d love to hear about it. 











A concrete apron can frame the driveway nicely; creating a nice transition into the garage. This apron is being poured before the asphalt driveway is placed. 











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I have already recommended you! Our consultant, Shelly, was extremely knowledgeable. She explained (the process) in technical detail. She is the reason I chose Earth Wizards over the other 5 bidders. Installation crew was terrific and exceeded my expectations.

- Don P.
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