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Concrete, Blacktop or What?

Posted April 1, 2014 @ 7:33am | by Earth Wizards

Concrete, Blacktop or What?

How do I choose a driveway surface?

 This is a great question and requires additional information before deciding on the product or products that are right for you and your situation. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a driveway surface, so lets go through them.

1) Cost

Obviously cost is a big consideration in your decision. Don’t make the mistake of going with the lowest price simply because it is the lowest price. There is usually a reason for the lesser price. Just like anything, “you get what you pay for”. At the same time, the most expensive may not mean better quality either. Do your research and find out who is a quality contractor and get multiple quotes.

2) Existing soil type

This is probably the single most important and often overlooked item in the decision making process. What soil type is in the driveway area? Sand, loam and clay are common soils in the upper Midwest and react differently during the freeze/thaw cycles. Sand is very forgiving, provides good drainage and doesn’t require extra excavation. Clay retains moisture and can move greatly as it expands and contracts during freeze/thaw. If you are in a green/grey clay soil that is wet, you can expect to pay more to have additional excavation, additional base material and possibly stabilization fabric installed. It is critical to have a stable base course for the driveway surface to have a long lasting driveway. This may not be an issue in other parts of the country.

3) Appearance

This is your preference. There are more choices than ever and it’s really exciting! Asphalt, concrete, trap rock, gravel, runners, flag stone or even grass (grass is planted inside a turf stone or plastic which supports the vehicle weight and doesn’t flatten out). How about a combination of two or more of those?

4) Usage

In other words, will there be heavy loads or frequent vehicles using the driveway on a regular basis? This is often not considered in choosing the driveway surface.

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- Don P.
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