Balancing Urban Development and Water Conservation


Anderson, Stacy

Stacy Anderson

President and Design Principal

Stacy grew up working on the installation crew in her family’s asphalt business, where she took great pride in her asphalt compaction techniques on the roller and in her ability to spend countless hours wielding a 25 lb. hand tamper. At Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she majored in General Science with a Chemistry emphasis. It was an independent study analyzing acid rain buffering in the Boundary Waters that first sparked her interest in water quality. Later, as Stacy became involved with the Minnesota Erosion Control Association and other organizations concerned with stormwater BMPs, she decided to do things a little differently in the paving world. Her non-working passion is rowing, and if you see a 30’ long rowing shell atop her car don’t be alarmed!

Anderson, Jeff

Jeff Anderson

Project Manager

Jeff oversees our paving projects and supervises crews to ensure every project is done to its particular specifications. He’s always noticing the little things that end up making a project great, rather than just good. Despite a busy construction season he continues to play racquetball and is a Lifetime Fitness Racquetball Coordinator and Coach. If you’ve longed to pick up the sport, talk to Jeff.

Anderson, Gary

Gary Anderson

General Manager

Gary has been in the asphalt world for 50+ years with a diverse background in both small and large-scale paving projects. He is our construction and life guru in many respects. You may see him meandering around your project, even when the crews aren’t onsite, contemplating and problem-solving. When he’s not thinking about construction (which is most of the time), you may see him working on a crossword.

Skow, Shelly

Shelly Skow

Project Consultant

Shelly was one of our customers from way back and has been with Earth Wizards since 2004. Originally from Wisconsin, she maintains her loyalty to her beloved Green Bay Packers. We are proud of how dearly she is loved by our customers and our Angie’s List reviews are proof of Shelly’s attentiveness and care.

Turtle, The

The Turtle

Mascot Extraordinaire

The turtle approaches life carefully, methodically and thoughtfully.

I have already recommended you! Our consultant, Shelly, was extremely knowledgeable. She explained (the process) in technical detail. She is the reason I chose Earth Wizards over the other 5 bidders. Installation crew was terrific and exceeded my expectations.

- Don P.
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